Monday, August 12, 2013

Forgetting and Remembering

30 day challenge

Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?

There are two categories of tools I will use to help my mindset - 

"Set It And Forget It"
Remember good old Ron Popeil?  Ronco products let you "Set It And Forget It".  I love these kinds of tools.  These are the tools like auto-pay for your bills that you spend a bit of time setting up in the beginning, and then they just do what they are should.  Rather than repeat these tasks every week or every month (and then worry - did I do that yet?), my mind is free to concentrate on other things.  Thanks to Ramit Sethi for this (the wisdom of using systems) and other insights at his blog

"Do you Remember the Time?"*
The other category of mindset tool is for things I want to remember - and here I'm actually looking forward getting tips about what other people are using.  I am working on creating some new habits, and    getting regular cues will be really helpful.  I've heard about Habitforge, but haven't used it yet - any success stories?  For me, sometimes its about motivation, but sometimes its simply about planning.  Because I like to have some flow in my day, and don't necessarily want to schedule everything, I haven't worked out the best way to get these habits ingrained.  Maybe a reminder popping up until I get it done will help? 

Meanwhile,  I'm in new tool overload since I just became a mac after a lifetime of being a pc.  So, since I can barely use the new trackpad, you will forgive me that I have not yet done any design work on this blog :)

*I know there has got to be a better title than this old MJ song, but somehow that got stuck in my head now and I am unable to come up with anything else!

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